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Fail to fill a polygon when it's not complex


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Hi guys,


I'm enjoying this really great library that makes it sooooo much easier to use WebGL.


The problem is, when I try to draw some polygons that are not complex it gives the know error message 'too complex to fill'.


I created a jsfiddle page to test



    - one that start point and end point meet at the end


    - one that start point and end point do not meet. (causing error)


I made sure there's no complex path in the polygon altho it looks complex haha!


* and one more issue i'm having is same as the issue from github



I don't know if the issue is solved as it's closed but when I do it using Graphics it still draws dotted lines. and I have to use WebGL not Canvas. does anyone know the solution or workaround?


Thanks for reading and I'll appreciate your comments!



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