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Phaser 2.0.2 jsFiddle (Sticky?)


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In hopes of getting better collaboration and feedback on the forum, I set up a simple jsFiddle.




It currently uses Phaser 2.0.2.

It's not quite barebones, it imports the assets from the main Phaser Tutorial, and sets up Preload, Create, Update, Render, Pause, and Resume event handlers. It also creates some objects in the scene and you can simply comment out the ones you don't need.


If you have never used jsFiddle before, you can simply click the "Fork" button, make the changes that demonstrate your idea, and problem, and share the new URL in a forum post. I hope that this post can get stickied and help avoid so many "I have a problem/Well then post some code" topics.


If you have any suggestions on features that should be added to the basic fiddle, please let me know.

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