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Rimebeard on steam


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I hope it's fine that my first post is promoting my game :) I just stumbled on this website via twitter.

Anyway, check out Rimebeard

A sokoban-style puzzle game where you create/remove ice and push various blocks to extinguish all the flames in a level.




It's actually an old-ish project that I decided to give a complete overhaul because I wasn't satisfied. But now with version 2.0 I'm actually quite satisfied. Old people like me might remember playing a similar NES game (Fire n' ice aka Solomons Key 2) The game is largely a solo-project (apart from a handful commissioned sprites) and was created using Construct 3 and about 4.5k lines of javascript. Feel free to ask any questions about the game or development!

Now all I need is to get eyes on it :)


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