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Wanted: HTML5 Developer for GameJam Project EDIT: Open to offers

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Hi everyone, 


I am new to game design and game development but I have decided to take part in a GameJam here in my home country of Ireland. 

The theme for the gamejam that I have chosen is : "Lose to Win" 


I love this concept as it flips most game logic on its head. The natural thing that came to mind was drinking games I played in college and in hostels as I travelled the world meeting new people, it was the ultimate ice breaker and losing meant you got more drunk, which in theory leads to winning and having more fun*


Anyway I would love to collaborate with someone who has some experience in game development. I have a hand written version of the GDD for this game which is called "Filter" which I am willing to share with everyone once I have completed the digital version of it. 

To explain the game concept a bit:


Get Coca the lil coffee bean through the various levels of filters to join his friends in a nice cup of coffee. There are four levels that the bean must pass through. The main game mechanic to put it simply is a "hi-lo" card game like this one http://truevalhalla.com/mobile/hilo/


The levels get harder as you progress. Instead of hoping to get the cards right you are actually hoping to get the wrong answer which increases the amount of time the lil bean is filtered which will help you make a better cup of coffee. 


It is a simple game and I would love to hear some feedback on it and if anyone would like to help me out then that would be great but even some feedback would help me greatly. 


*drinking to excess might actually cause you to lose the game of drinking! 

EDIT: Willing to listen to quotes to work together on this project, which could turn into a long term working relationship 

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