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How do you show the hitbox of a sprite?


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Just to help anyone that happens to need to do this to a group, you can call game.debug.body using forEachAlive but you need to set the context to game.debug otherwise you'll receive an error about there being no start() method in the existing context (since sprites have no start method, and the function game.debug.body assumes the scope of 'this' is the parent scope).



debugMode: function () {		game.debug.body(this.captain, "#9090ff", false);		this.enemy.forEachAlive(game.debug.body,game.debug,"#ff9090",false);		this.redLasers.forEach(game.debug.body,game.debug,"#dd00dd",false);		this.blueLasers.forEach(game.debug.body,game.debug,"#00dd00",false);	},
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