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Weird bug that appears sporadically


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So sometimes when I pause my game (not with game.paused, an overlay) or when I die and go to a game over overlay, I get this bug:


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined phaser.min.dev.js:6b.Signal.dispatch phaser.min.dev.js:6dispatch phaser.min.dev.js:6b.InputHandler._pointerOutHandler phaser.min.dev.js:9b.Pointer.move phaser.min.dev.js:8b.Mouse.onMouseMove phaser.min.dev.js:8_onMouseMove phaser.min.dev.js:8

Reload and do the same thing and it doesn't occur. Not sure what to do since the trace doesn't point to anything in my script.


NOTE: I am using the dev build.

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