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Need some feedbacks on my code


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Hi there,


I'm new here, as well as I'm new in game development. I'm trying to make a little game engine. I know there are some javascript engines that exist, but it's just for study purpose. So, I would like to have some feedbacks on my code. I'm not new to javascript, but I'm not an expert too (I really would like to improve my skills with javascript!)


I started a breakout game. You'll find it if you launch "index.html". For now, you can move the pad, and interact with the ball which can interact with the bricks. That's all ;)


I suggest that you launch a node server with the one on my github repository (server.js). If you choose to use another web server, then you should change the path from ""http://your.server/" in the "core\Loaders\FileLoader.js" file.


Again, it's a work in progress. I added some animation possibilities. You can check them if you launch "index_mario.html". 


Here is the github repository : https://github.com/DidJS/DidJS


Thanks for your time and feedbacks,


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