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Accents, special characters etc...


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Could you try this? :

window.onload = function () {    var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.AUTO, 'phaser-example', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update});    function preload() {    }    function create() {        var text = "- phaser -\n  áéíóú ÁÉÍÓÚ ñÑ";        var style = { font: "65px Arial", fill: "#ff0044", align: "center" };        var t = game.add.text(game.world.centerX-300, 0, text, style);    }        function update() {    }};
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I have used Phaser with Spanish text and it works perfectly well. I think it has nothing to do with Phaser but with the HTML files. As you said, you should use in the header:


<meta charset="utf-8" />


But that is not enough, take into account that your text editor should be able to save your HTML file in UTF-8. Probably, the 'meta' says your 'charset' is UTF-8 but the file it is not.

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