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Trying to create a lizard tongue

Elad Sofer

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I am using phaser and am new to game development and could not find a solution to this question anywhere:

I have a lizard character and want that when a mouse is clicked the mouth opens (i have that figured out) and a tongue will come out in a natural looking way to the point where i clicked and go back into the mouth after that.. 


I am clueless on where to begin and any leads or references will be great.




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Thank you for this.

I have done it but it does not look very realistic...

Because the tongue sprite stretches it looks very unrealistic :(

Is there any other example that I can implement this in a snake like fasion, meaning that the base stays the same and the edge states the same but only the middle part stretches?

Let me elaborate:

How could I implement this:

the tongue base is an animation, after that a tween to stretch only the middle and keep the edges?

Thanks for your help,


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I have found the solution that works for me (at least so far...).


I calculated an array of points leading for the mouth of the lizard to the point clicked.

And then i draw a base sprite and then repeat the "body" sprite as many times as needed and then draw the edge of the tongue.

To create the "extraction" animation i start with 3 points (base,mid,edge) and incrementally draw more middle sprites and move the edge accordingly.


Does that make sense? Is there a more elegant way of doing this in phaser (reminder - i am a complete newbie to phaser \ javascript \ game development)

What do you think?

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