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scrolling is really bad in terms of performance - what to do?


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the moment the game camera follows the player and scrolling starts i experience a drop in fps of at least 20 frames..



on firefox 28 on linux you just can't play my phaser game..  fps with canvas is up to 60 (thats good) but instead of scrolling the game camera jumps around.. it seems it tries to keep 60 fps and drops several frames at once.. awful..  with webgl it's unplayable..  20 fps :(


on chrome 33 on linux phaser is going nuts..  116 fps and the game is really fast (and fun to play ^^)  but there are rendering issues .. whole areas flickering in colors and some layers of my tilemap are not rendered at all..  with webgl those rendering issues are worse and the fps drop down to 50.


on chromium 32 on linux my phaser game is stable and good to play..  fps are around 60 but the moment the game camera starts following my player the fps drop to 39   :(   

with webgl the gameplay is wonderful and stays on 60 fps all the time  but again.. weird rendering bugs.. missing layers and colored rectangles where backgrounds should be..

if i override the "software rendering list" in chrome://flags  i get the same really good performance (even when scrolling) but again (even without webgl) rendering bugs..  this may be a linux problem ??


on chrome on my nexus7 phaser is stable to play but the fps suck  (between 20 and 40)

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my gpu is an nvidia 8800gts  but the problem also exists on different machines..


on firefox 28 on windows for example i experience the same drop in fps the moment scrolling starts..   without scrolling there are up to 60 fps and with scrolling 38-45


i even disabled my parallax because i thought this is maybe heavy on the gpueffect but it didn't change anything..  

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