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associating an image with a class object


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I'm thinking of creating a mini chrome extension game for learning purposes. But I don't quite understand how an image sprite can be associated with a specific object. I've tried googling but not having any luck.


Can someone provide some explanation?


Let's say I have a folder with these files:

- 123.gif

- 234.gif


And in my code, would I have something like this?

if(val <= 240) {    objCharacter.setImage() = "../123.gif";} else {    ...} ... setImage() {    // what goes here?}

Or do I use an xml file? I've briefly looked at some gaming files and it seems like that's what's commonly used

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Storing the object templates in a seperate data structure is the way to go. You can use XML, but json or plain javascript objects would probably be better in this case. Something like:

var gameData = gameData || {};gameData.vehicles ={  formula:  {    sprite: "formula.png"    topSpeed: 300  },  motorcycle:  {    sprite: "motorcycle.png",    topSpeed: 200  }}function Vehicle(templateName){  var template = gameData.vehicles[templateName];  this.sprite = template.sprite;  this.topSpeed = template.topSpeed;}var playerCar = new Vehicle("formula");
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