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Questions on modifying phaser for isometric support


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I have modified phaser.js  for  isometric support.

At the moment, the code can load and display isometric tilemaps  created from Tiled.

I have an example that shows scrolling and tile selection from mouse working.


A few questions:


1)  I would to see about making the mods as a plugin, but not sure how to do this.

Can a plugin override other objects or their methods? 

Right now i have the code tests for the existence of 'iso' property on the game object.

If missing, just assume ortho method and the original code is followed, otherwise follow the mods for iso.



2)  Where is best place to share the code and sample files for feedback?   Can i attach a copy here?


I am working with a snapshot of 2.0.3 which i know is now behind current release and dev.  After the iso mods are stable I plan to port them to to a clone of the most current dev version on github.  

I am not sure if that is that right way to contribute, feel free to suggest a better way :)





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