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Query RE Globals and generator-phaser-official


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Have a question re: codevinsky's rather wonderful "generator-phaser-official" (see http://codevinsky.ghost.io/phaser-tutorial-getting-started-with-generator-phaser-official/).

If I generate a sample project (by running yo phaser-official) it generates a set of JS files in states, five .js files.

What I'd like to know - is - in this structure where can I put global variables. For example, supposing I wanted to hold onto the level a game player is on and didn't wish to use local storage? I can't (and no doubt shouldn't) put it in main.js - that gets overwritten.

So just wondered if anyone had any suggestions?

Many thanks,


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make a small storage yourself.


for instance make a file storage.js:

var storage = {}module.exports = storage;

And then just require it:

var storage = require('storage');

after that you can use it in that specific state/prefab/whatever to retrieve / store data:

storage['omgpuppies'] = 'CUTE!';console.log(storage['omgpuppies']);

Data stored is can be retrieved in other states etc due to the require call returning the same dict.


This is the simplest example I could come up with. 

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