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is onEndContact working reliable in 2.0.5 ?


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    player.body.onBeginContact.add(function() { console.log('begin'); } , this);
    player.body.onEndContact.add(function() { console.log('end');} , this);

shouldn't this  print out "begin" and "end" on every collision?   "end" is never printed in my testcase...  only begin...  am i doing something wrong?


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I' m not sure 2.0.5 has been released yet :)


I'm actually trying to put the new version of P2 into my Phaser tests projects, but not so sure as how to do that.


Plus, I didn't read everything on the link you've provided, but I don't think the problem George has is the same - seems to be a multi-collision matter...


To be brief : I agree with you, onEndContact callbacks are not fired for now ( using 2.0.4 )

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I couldn't get it to work, and I understand that P2 in the current version is the same as it has been for all of the 2.0 releases (maybe earlier, I don't know). I read somewhere that the p2 in Phaser will be upgraded for the next release. I used some short time delays to overcome the worst of the problem for my purposes.

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thanks, I fixed it in phaser.js

    endContactHandler: function (event) {        this.onEndContact.dispatch(event.bodyA, event.bodyB, event.shapeA, event.shapeB, event.contactEquations);        if (event.bodyA.parent)        {            event.bodyA.parent.onEndContact.dispatch(event.bodyB.parent, event.shapeA, event.shapeB, event.contactEquations);        }        if (event.bodyB.parent)        {            event.bodyB.parent.onEndContact.dispatch(event.bodyA.parent, event.shapeB, event.shapeA, event.contactEquations);        }    },
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