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Helo guys,

I started writing a spaceship  game with pandaJs.

But I am not getting the right behavior for the keyboard keydown event.

What I am expecting is the keydown callback to be called multiple times as long as the any key is down but it only fires once.


I want my ship to keep moving left when KEY_LEFT is held down

Or to keep firing when KEY_SPACE  is down 


I looked into the source code of panda Js and modified the line  210 file: https://github.com/ekelokorpi/panda.js/blob/master/src/engine/keyboard.js

I commented the line 210 so it keep calling back however the there is a delay between the first call and the subsequent call of the keydown callback:

for instance holding the LEFT_KEY makes the ship moves one step to the left (one step is 6px) and then wait some milliseconds before starting a continues move to the left.

 I am not able to fix that. Please help.


I think there should be a configuration member to the keyboard module so that I can enable continuous firing of the keydown or at least this should be the default behaviour as in most cases.


thanks in advance 



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