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Touch Input, up-down-left-right. Can it be done?


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Hey, I have never seen up-down-left-right touch input on a phone game. Every game seems to automate either navigation, shooting or jumping, and leave the user with only one or two gestures for input.


I haven't played many phone games so I was hoping someone could share some examples where up-down-left-right is successfully implemented, or at least shed some light on why developers don't even use an on-screen dpad/ analog stick.


Thank you for your time.

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Try playing this Spongebob platformer built with Flambe from a desktop then on a mobile device. On a desktop, the game is controlled using the keyboard. On mobile, a couple of buttons appear on the right hand side for jumping and using the flashlight. Beginning a touch at any point on the screen (establishing a "pivot point") then moving this touch away from the initial point makes the character walk, turning the entire screen into a virtual D-pad without the need for a corresponding graphical element on the display.

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