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Blender Export Question / Problem


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I'm importing my scene into Blender, scaling things by -1 on the Y axis, then rotating them back to upright, making them single sided meshes, and recalculating the normals. The problem is that when I export them, it doesnt seem to save the scaling or transforms. It is keeping the normals data though so I know that it's updating the export files, but when it's loaded the scene isn't coming out un-mirrored.


My problem is that the Unreal 2k4 exporter we're using to convert our models exports all our objects inside out, mirrored and 2 sided... I wrote a blender script to just fix the whole scene automatically. It was a much simpler solution than trying to modify the complicated Unreal 2k4 exporter.


Any ideas?

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Hi Red, You have to apply any transforms, rotations or scaling changes you make.


In "Object Mode", select an object, then go to the Object Menu ->Apply->Location and Object Menu ->Apply->Scale


cheers, gryff :)


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So it will just visually show the change and then I have to "apply" it to confirm it?



Just read up on it.. makes since. I'll add that into my script tonight. I still have to flip my center coordnates and my Yaw on all my items to put them back in line after the mirror, but that's another issue all together.

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