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[TypeScript] Extend GameObjectCreator


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Hey guys, i am trying to add a method to gameobjectcreator

Phaser.GameObjectFactory.prototype.myCustomMethod = function () { }

But this doesnt work, cause the compilers complains that Phaser hasnt a member with that name. Is there a way to hack around? I know that it would work in JS but cant get it working on TypeScript without changing the Phaser.d.ts

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I did already a workaround with static methods.

module Phaser.Custom {    export class BlinkText extends Phaser.Text {        blinkDisplayTime: number = 1000; //displayTime in ms        blinkInvisibleTime: number = 1000; //invisibleTime in ms        blinkTimeElapsed: number = 0;        update() {            super.update();            this.blinkTimeElapsed += this.game.time.elapsed;            var _modulo = this.blinkTimeElapsed % (this.blinkDisplayTime + this.blinkInvisibleTime);             this.visible = _modulo < this.blinkDisplayTime ? true : false;        }        static addToState(state: Phaser.State, x: number, y: number, text: string, style: any) {            var fpsText = new Phaser.Custom.BlinkText(state.game, x, y, text, style);            state.add.existing(fpsText);            return fpsText;        }        static addToGame(game: Phaser.Game, x: number, y:number, text: string, style: any){            var fpsText = new Phaser.Custom.BlinkText(game, x, y, text,style);            game.add.existing(fpsText);            return fpsText;        }          }} 

I think code is selfexplaining. Goal was to add a custom class with the GameObjectFactory

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