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Issues With Appcache


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Currently I'm trying to make an iOS web app version of my game. Unfortunately, when I added caching of files and try to load the app, I get this error:

[Error] SyntaxError: DOM Exception 12: An invalid or illegal string was specified.	fileComplete (phaser.js, line 43974)	onload (phaser.js, line 43677) 

I tried looking it up the error, but it is fairly generic.


The area of the phaser code it comes from is

                    if (file.autoDecode)                    {                        var that = this;                        var key = file.key;                        this.game.cache.updateSound(key, 'isDecoding', true);                        this.game.sound.context.decodeAudioData(file.data, function (buffer) {                            if (buffer)                            {                                that.game.cache.decodedSound(key, buffer);                                that.game.sound.onSoundDecode.dispatch(key, that.game.cache.getSound(key));                            }                        });                    }

Suggesting it might be some issue with appcache and music? Any ideas?

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