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CreateGroundFromHeightMap - Subdivision count issue

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(I've spent a few minutes looking up my issue, but I did not really found anything regarding this, so please feel free to lock & close it if it is already discussed somewhere else)


So I've been generating some meshes from height maps with the CreateGroundFromHeightMap method on the Mesh object/class.


As the mesh size increases I should increase the "subdivisions" parameter value, to get some smooth mesh, but after setting some 180-200 as value, I'm getting some weird issues, like the meshes from one end get connected back to the new ones at the start of the new columns, resulting big ass triangles through the valley.


See this image: http://snag.gy/5GB1I.jpg


Is this a known issue, or am I doing something wrong?




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I think that you are creating a mesh with more than 65536 vertices which is not supported by webgl :)


It is exactly this problem, I got it several times when I was playing with perlin noise and terrain generation. You will have to wait for webgl 2.0 (soonTM)

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Meanwhile, Deltakosh, could we add a call to Tools.Log.Warn in setVerticesData and updateVerticesData? That could be useful to be warned if you set Tools.Log to print warnings (by default). Regarding this, which log levels should be enabled by default?

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