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RenderTexture api changed since first example?


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Hi all,


I'm getting started with pixi.js, and while going through the examples I noticed that ex. 11:




doesn't work with newer versions of pixi.js. The version in that example is from June. Checking through the github history and trying out different versions, I've found that it still works, though a bit differently, in builds of pixi up to 2013/09, but not since. With the latest versions I just see spinning sprites.


There's no significant update to the documentation that I can see. Any ideas on resources for learning how to do that general sort of effect with more recent versions?


Thanks for any info / tips

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Hi Kay,


I had the same problem.


try to pass the a PIXI.Point on the second parameter.


for example:


var myTexture = new PIXI.RenderTexture(100, 100);
var sprite = new PIXI.Sprite(myTexture);
var pt = new PIXI.Point(0, 0);
myTexture.render(stage, pt, true);
By the way you cant find the RenderTexture when you get to the Documentation Page
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