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Spritesheet and shape changes


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Hi all :)

I'm crafting my little space game with ships and other stuff using Phaser - http://gregorl.github.io/spaceships-with-lasers/

I recently created some collision maps for asteroids using PhysicsEditor - it was one polygon per sprite until now.

Now I need to somehow apply the player's ship polygons to the right frame of animated ship.


This is my loading code:

https://github.com/gregorl/spaceships-with-lasers/blob/master/src/js/preloader.js .


As you can see I use game.load.spritesheet for ship's sprites.


And here's the player's creation logic:




The sprite is animated, but its body is not. Could someone point me the right direction?

How do I animate sprite's body? How do I apply the shapes to appropriate frames of the spritesheet?

Perhaps I misused PhysicsEditor, when preparing the polygons for each ship's frame?


I am asking this, as I was not able to find related topic or Phaser example to follow.

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