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Pixi and Google Maps


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I would like to show thousands of points in a Google Maps. With standard GMaps points it draw very slow. For that reason i try to draw point with WebGL. In this example shows how to do and I can draw points using this one. (http://psousa.net/demos/webgl/)


But I would like to draw circles or images, and I try to use Pixi to render the points. I accomplished draw points with transparent renderer example, but I can't interact with map.


I need to do zoom, clicks, etc, like if the points rendered not will be there


Is it possible? 


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If I understood correctly you want to keep interactions with sprites in PIXI. But pass events to map if happened on empty space of stage.


You should then listen for click events on stage and pass it to next/under element. Don't know how to do this, maybe there is some API in JS events for it, like "event.passToNext()" or you could listen on mouse enter/leave sprite/stage events in this way: when mouse enter a point/sprite then set canvas "pointer-events:auto;" but if mouse enter stage(so no sprite under mouse) then set "pointer-events:none";


edit: it will not work because of losing canvas interaction with mouse, so enter/leave events won't be fired.

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