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Tutorials for Collapse Style Puzzle Game


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I'm new to the forums, and new to Javascript/HTML5 game development. I'm coming from a background of Unity3d using Javascript. 


I've gone through the Easel.JS tutorials both on the site,and on Youtube. The basics make sense but I'm trying to create a puzzle game similar to Collapse or Candy crush.


These games are different than Tetris in that Rows are generated from the bottom. Are there any type of tutorials with example code on how to generate rows?


In Unity, I can just Instantiate an enemy. How would I go about instantiating and updating a row? Here's an example of what I'm talking about.





Not looking for Full code, but a push in the right direction would be awesome.


How do I incorporate the Tutorials I see for Phaser into Easel.JS? Are frameworks that different?







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To specify, here's my thought on how i'd do a row generator


1) Create 2 dimensional array to hold the playfield

2) Create a second, 1 dimensional array for the temp row

3) Have state that checks if that 1 dimensional array is filled or empty

4) If empty, fill with one of 4 blocks at random, and move to next spell

5) Push temp row to the playfield (Update playfield array) 

6) Push all rows up by 1


Would I need two arrays or would 1 be okay? 


Also what does a library like Easel or Phaser actually do? 

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