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Drawing a Mask


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Hey guys, my name is Rick and I have been playing around with Phaser for the past few days.


I am looking to build a lotto scratcher type game. I need to be able to draw directly to the mask layer.


I have found a few different things on the forums that should be able to help me.

  • Alpha Mask - Makes sense.
  • BitmapData - Not sure how to add to this based on user input. To my knowledge, this IS my mask. Right..?
  • globalCompositeOperation - No idea what this even is.

I dont want to it be blocky like this.... http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=display&f=bitmapdata+draw.js&t=bitmapdata%20draw


I don't want to add circles, I want to add a stroke.I want to be able to take the path the finger, give it a width (like how you could control the brush thickness in Photoshop), and then add it directly to the mask.


How would I go upon doing this, have people done this before?

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