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Available 2D Game Artist


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Hello !

I’m Drewstudio, young and active game artist. I can take care of the UI Design, 2D Graphic Assets; Character Design and Illustration that you may need in your game projects. I can also work on simple animations and skeletons based movement (which cover most animations for mobile games).
I have collaborated with diffrent game developers for HTML5, flash, mobile and desktop games that are showcased in my gallery. My style varies from game to game depending of the graphic direction of the game but i do prefer to work on kidfriendly and cartoon games.
If you need a free quote, please contact me using the contact form or email me at [email protected] -the contact form is faster, and easier to manage for me icon_wink.gif
In short :

  • I’m very dynamic and i can work easily in groups.
  • I’m creative; if the client doesn’t know what graphic style he wants for his game, i usually help him by creating various sketches in diffrents styles so he can choose. I even (and that happens a lot) create whole game concepts for some clients who only have a working prototype (like a fully working tower defense system) and need a concept to transform the prototype to a true game.
  • I work quite fast.
  • I work on any graphical details in the game, be it sprites, background, animation or UI design.
  • Very reasonable prices.
  • Payments with paypal* or payoneer, charged by fixed price or hourly rates depending on the project lenght.
  • For payments under ~100$; you'll need to pay before i begin to work. For payment above, you'll need to pay 50% upfront, and 50% at the receipt.

*Paypal fees are payed by the client.
RATES : From 10$  to 13$ per hour (special for indie game dev to support them ;D).
OPEN TO : Quick/Simple Games; Casual games etc ...  Mostly mobile and web games and apps.
NOT : Long term projects (RPGs; ORPGs etc ...)
Gallery - I can't post too many images in here (forum policy) so you can find a lot more in my portfolio (it's a WIP).
120x120,huge.png?1399286605SWEET FALL; STATUS : PUBLISHED.

Sketch and concept Art :
 I've much more in my gallery; i can't put more here since there are a limit on poster image per post in this forum. So don't hesitate to visit my portfolio here : drewstudio.org
Thank you !



PS : I'm sorry for any possible mistake, english isn't my native language.

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