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1) scale SHOW_ALL bugged or 2) I'm just dumb?


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Probably the second option, but just to make sure:


I'm trying to run the "Full Screen Mobile" template with very little modification (adding a single sprite in 0,0 and changed the body bg color in CSS to #F0F for better contrast).


When testing in Chrome with emulation of Google Nexus S here's how it behaves:

1) Starting the game in landscape mode, looks good:


2) Switching to portrait, so far so good:


3) Switching back to landscape, why is it stretched?



Why does it work as SHOW_ALL at first, and then as EXACT_FIT?


If someone is wondering if that's only a Chrome emulation issue, it's probably not. On a Genymotion emulator the example just "explodes".

1) This is how it looks when starting the example in landscape mode:



I didn't test on a real mobile device yet, because I'll need Phaser to work on some kind of emulator anyway if I'm to develop anything. What am I missing? I'm VERY NEW to programming and especially to JavaScript, so it's probably a really dumb mistake on my side.

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