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Blender Driver Bone for Rotation


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Hi there!


First off, congrats to your great library..


My question is, can a complex animation like that one 




be animated with Babylon.js ?


The thing is, it gets controlled (rotated) by a (Blender) Driver (Bone) and the "segments" on the conveyor belt are actually translated along the y-axis modeled on a Bezier-Curve.


Now when I'm exporting it to Babylon.js - looking for the Driver, which is a Bone, I see it doen't have a "rotation" property. So it seems, Bones doesn't have props like "rotation", "position" etc.


How would I tackle this issue?


For any hints on this, many thanks in advance!!!


Br, Eric



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@raven: Any chance you can post a link to your blend file - as the author admits his tutorial is a tedious procedure. You can PM me the link if you like.


@DK: no way a "Master" - just someone with some experience of using Blender and knows how to use about 50-60% of its tools. On the other hand,  someone who  is a hopeless coder - a javascript "dummy" maybe ;)


cheers, gryff :)

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Hi gryff, Deltakosh,


thx for looking at it - really appreciate ..


@gryff: I don't have access to it right now, but this Saturday I'll be back home - then I'll send it over the ocean  :)


Cheers, Eric

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