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I have just finished my first quality and well polished HTML5 game for the web, 640 by 480. But I am stuck with a dilemma now. I read and started noticing a little to late that there is no money at all to be made with web games? I looked at GameJolt and Kongregate and it appears that all you make is mere peanuts, something like a dollar over a 3 weeks this is ridiculous, and it feels as if you supplying quality content and get nothing in return but established company gets all the good stuff. You also cannot put ads into the game like in Flash, so all we can do is simply create a webpage put adds on it and hope for a miracle that people come play your game and maybe just maybe 1 in a million will click on that add. Has anyone ever managed to make any money like that? I bought a book and read that its all mobile now, okay so I start conversion process to fit to different mobile screens. But what about the web version anything at all? any money? or is it complete waste and Kaput :(

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