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Safari Audio doesnt play on iPhone or iPad - Phaser.js 2.0.5

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I am unable to play audio on Safari for iPhone 4 or iPad 2/3 on iOS7 (7.1.2 new release) or the previous version of iOS7. I am using Phaser.js 2.0.5. 


The sound plays normally on Safari for iPhone 5s and on the desktop browser.


I included the following formats for audio to try and get it working:

- aac

- m4a

- mp3

- ogg


I made sure that the MP3 files are small enough for the devices to load:

Sample Rate: 44Hz


Bit Depth: 32

Format: MP3 64 Kbps CBR OFL


It works fine on Safari on desktop but not on mobile/tablet. The sound plays no problem when playing the game in Chrome on iPhone 4/5 and iPad 2/3.


All desktop browsers play sound no problem.


I also cannot play sound on Safari from any of the Phaser example pages (see examples below):



Is this a bug in the code? If so, is there a work around?



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Very strange...but this may have happened because of an iOS software update. The software update rebooted my devices as usual, but I had to reboot my ipad and iphone again after the update and then sound started working on Safari.

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