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How to measure PIXI.Text height while using cocoonjs?


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Hey all


I've encountered a bug making the measurement of text dimensions impossible while using canvas+ on cocoonjs. I've read (and saw the source code) that height dimension is using html DOM element to measure it, and that a different approach is needed. Question is - what approach? is there a better way of measuring Text height?


Right now I'm using the same font size I put in the PIXI.Text properties as height...


Thanks! :)

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I know it's old, but all of my searches shows posts left unanswered: Is there a fix to this? I'm using pixijs 1.6.1 and the text height in cocoonjs shows the entire screen height...

I know I should calculate it myself, but how exactly? Is there a formula for this? I know I can use the font size for this, but it's not science, since sometimes I have to multiply it by 1.1 or 1.2, depend on the font size, to get it aligned correctly...

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