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Hello, nice to meet you guys! :D


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Hello everyone, my name is Daniel and I've just arrived to this forum. :)


I was searching HTML5 game engines because I think that web technologies are awesome to start making games and they have a brilliant future.


When I was looking for a nice game engine I founded Phaser, and my surprise was that I could understand the documents and the examples so I was really happy because that. (I tried before other game engines and that was a bit difficult for a begginer like me :P )


I started as a designer but I noticed that I love technologies, specilly making games and apps but I'm starting in this world although I studied a few languages like Java, JS, Python and HTML sometimes I can't figure out how to put all the stuff toguether to make a game so I decided to join this forum to see if I can meet new friends and learn at the same time. :D


I hope to have a nice time here, meet new people, learn and if I can help with anything I would love to help. (If I can hahaha :lol: )


Regards, Daniel.




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