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Tool for previewing and testing sprite sheet animations


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A couple weeks back I released a tool for previewing and testing sprite sheet animations.  A lot of people seem to write their own tool of this sort.  I made this one for my javascript game engine, and I attempted to take it to the next level feature-wise.  It allows you to build up a library of sprite sheets and animations.  It has a number of previewing options and tools, keyboard shortcuts, and a simple but powerful language for specifying frame lists.     The tool can export to its own JSON format, or it can generate code for CreateJS and ImpactJS.



The application is normally used by dragging and dropping PNG sprite sheets onto the page, specifying their dimensions, and then creating multiple animations.   I use this in Chrome, but I've tested it in Firefox and Opera as well.


I hope that some of you find this useful.  If you have any feedback, please let me know.

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For any ImpactJS users out there, I just added support for Andrew Eades' animation-importer plugin.   There already was export support for ImpactJS, but it required modifying the export by hand.   The exporter for this plugin can create animation files that can be directly loaded into the plugin without any modification required.   Further details on the update were written up in a blog post.  

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