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onInputDown issue with sprite layers


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Forgive me ahead of time if I miss the obvious. I have been working on a whack-a-mole style game recently and chose Phaser for creating this game. I came across an issue with the 'onInputDown' event that I have applied to a sprite hiding behind another sprite. Basically a person that pops up behind a desk and you whack them with your mouse or touch on a mobile screen. The issue is that I can click on the desk on the layer above the sprite and the 'onInputDown' event triggers.


I have searched the forums and online documentation and just can't seem to find any related issue or solution to work from. I am assuming I will kick myself once I find the answer, but any help would be appreciated. So far this platform has been pretty impressive, but I am also coming from a Flash/Actionscript background and this sort of issue isn't a problem in flash.


Thanks from a newbie to Phaser!

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