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Button events with multiple renderers


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So I'm hoping I'm just doing something dumb that'll come to me the moment I click post.


I've got two stage instances / renderers and I'm displaying both of them in separate divs.


The 2nd stage ( Catchily called "stage2" ) needs to be interactive as I have buttons set up in it, but it's just not firing any event.


I've tested for interactive in stage2, and all the parent's of my button instance, all saying true, turned off interactive in stage1.

stage1 is set to autoDetect, whereas stage2 is forced to Canvas, everything is being displayed correctly, it's just nothing seems to be getting to the button sprite.


I guess I'm just after any gotcha's I may have missed. I overlay DOM elements on top of both stages, but nothing that actually covers the button, could that be a factor ? Is there some sort of weird clash with having two instances where they're both fighting for events ?


Sorry it's a bit of a vague one, an hour of swearing at a screen does that to you.


Thanks in advance.


PS. Same issue in both Chrome / Safari, OSX.

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