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changing velocity while on top of another sprite


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I've implemented some code for a moving platform. The platform itself is a sprite, defined as follows:

this.movingPlatforms = game.add.group();		 platform = this.movingPlatforms.create(8 * TILE_SIZE, 10 * TILE_SIZE, 'platform');		 platform.name = 'platformOne';		 this.game.physics.arcade.enable(platform);		 platform.leftBounds = platform.body.x;		 platform.rightBounds = platform.body.x + 200;		 platform.body.velocity.x = 100;		 platform.body.immovable = true;

I amended the code for jumping to detect a collision on the bottom of the sprite. For some reason, the jump wasn't working when my main guy was standing on a platform. I was trying to set his velocity to -300 but he wouldn't move at all. The jump function would still get triggered - in fact, it'd be triggered repeatedly each time I pressed the jump button but with no actual movement.


I managed to get it working in a very strange way - before applying the negative velocity to the sprite upon pressing the jump button, I first raised him 1 pixel above the platform by decrementing his y position. The negative velocity is applied immediately after. Suddenly it started working: 

        if (this.jumpButton.isDown && (this.sprite.body.onFloor() || this.sprite.body.wasTouching.down === true)){            console.log("jumping!");            this.sprite.body.position.y -= 1;            this.sprite.body.velocity.y = -300;            this.jumpSound.play();        }

Any idea why this is going on?

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