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More than four lights any developments?


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I'm creating a large scene that is divided into four quadrants (see image below).


The four quadrants each contain 10+meshes and I would like each quadrant to contain two point lights with a very limited range (well inside the quadrant). that illuminates just some of the meshes in each quadrant.


There is also a Hemi light at the centre of the scene which illuminates the whole scene. And the camera has a limited MaxZ value too such that the lights and meshes they illuminate are outside its view and only become visible when the camera is well into a particular quadrant.


However on viewing, only four lights are viewable - the last four lights added to the scene. So curtailing the lights range and camera MaxZ has no direct effect on the lights limit of four. (Reading about Octrees which seem designed to speed up "mesh selection", suggests they would not be of any help with lights.)


I was reading a thread started by dad72 that has some discussion of the light limits and includes this line by DK:


We could think about a way to not take in account a light when out of range and then free a spot for another one



Has there been any change in this situation?


I know it is possible to limit the lights by influence by using  "light.excludeMeshes", but with 8 lights and 40+ meshes that seems a bit tedious. So any recent solutions welcome.


cheers, gryff :)




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