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Creating Sprites during Update


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Hi everyone, I am currently running into a little issue I can't seem to figure out. I am using Phaser in conjunction with Meteor, although I don't think Meteor is relevant to this particular issue (It may be?).


I am working on a networking prototype for a multiple game and I just have a simple sprite that rotates on screen based on an update loop running on the server. It works fine until a new account is created (which loads a new player, I don't have a "room" structure setup yet) and different things happen based on if I am breakpointed.


If I am breakpointed, the game works perfectly. A new sprite is added and correctly updated from the server. No problems at all.


If I am not breakpointed, the game does not even load the sprite. It ignores it completely. (The character data is still properly showing the right number of players however, and the sprite is also correctly put in my sprite array.)



Here is the relevant code:





How do I add sprites during updating? I feel like this is central to my issue but it seems to work fine during breakpoints? Any ideas?



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