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pixelPerfectOver into a variable


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I should be easy but not sure why I am not finding the answer,


I have set up a sprite as so


wheel.input.pixelPerfectOver = true;


I can see the info on the screen with,


game.debug.spriteInputInfo(wheel, 32, 32);


I can see all the object info with




With in a function I want to find out if the mouse is with in the sprite image, in other words get the info that in on the screen into a variable.


I can see it on the screen but how to I get that info into a variable?


I have tried to many to count




to name 2


Thanks for your help.



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You can check out the source code for Debug.spriteInputOver to see how it's getting the info it displays on the screen:

        this.line('x: ' + sprite.input.pointerX().toFixed(1) + ' y: ' + sprite.input.pointerY().toFixed(1));        this.line('over: ' + sprite.input.pointerOver() + ' duration: ' + sprite.input.overDuration().toFixed(0));        this.line('down: ' + sprite.input.pointerDown() + ' duration: ' + sprite.input.downDuration().toFixed(0));        this.line('just over: ' + sprite.input.justOver() + ' just out: ' + sprite.input.justOut());
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