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How to add markers to audio spritesheet


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I have an audio spritesheet and I add markers to the audio to play the audio in the spritesheet.

        parseAudioSprite: function() {            var fx = this.game.add.audio('sfx');            var audiosprite = this.game.cache.getJSON('audiosprite');            for (var sprite in audiosprite.spritemap) {                var start = audiosprite.spritemap[sprite].start;                var end = audiosprite.spritemap[sprite].end;                var loop = audiosprite.spritemap[sprite].loop;                fx.addMarker(sprite, start, end - start);            }        }

Now i do this in one state, but i can't access this audio in other states. Do i have to set markers in every state? Can I just add markers once and use everywhere? What is the proper use of audio spritesheets?


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