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Anti-Aliasing Canvas Android


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Hello everyone,


I'm using bezierCurveTo, clip  and draw to make some custom shapes (puzzle pieces)  then turn them into Sprites via fromCanvas.

Everyting works great and PIXI is very fast but I'm having issues with browsers on Android.

My shapes look very jagged (no anti-aliasing).

I've tried some hacks I found around Stackoverflow (adding strokes, etc) but nothing seems to work.

On iOS and desktops everything is smooth. But on Android only when using Firefox my shapes look reasonably smooth.


I'm using the canvas renderer.


Am I doing something wrong or is this something specific to Android?

Can you recommend any techniques that might get my shapes looking smoother on Android?



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Just tested on a cuple more Android devices and it seems to work fine (everything is smooth) on the default browser (non Chrome).

So I'm guessing it's something specific to Android browsers like Chrome, Opera mini.

Still looking for a work around... if you have any ideeas let me know.


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