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I have been playing around with panda.js for about a week. I started with playing with some of the examples you had and then I started going through the flying dog app code to understand what's going on and to make little changes, so I fully understand what is occuring. My goal is make my own game when I have a better understanding, but I am getting there! My question is on responsive design. Ideally, when developing anything web based or mobile these days, we want it to have a responsive design, so the size will be correct regardless of what device. Before making my own game, I wanted to understand how to control size regardless of device and have been trying to modify the flying dog app to grow or shrink to screen size depending on device and I have found it to be harder than I expected . I am sure I am missing something, but I thought adding  resizeToFill: true in config.js would suffice, but it does not work like I would expect. Can you please tell me what I am missing? I am an experienced web developer and know how I would do a responsive design in html5 and css, but am struggling on knowing how to do it with panda.js.




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