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Question for Tiled users - Object Layer population


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How do I create an Object Layer and populate it using code? In Tiled I can create an Object Layer and give it a name - but then I can't see how to add anything to it.


What I am trying to do is create sprites from tiles - as per http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=tilemaps&f=create+from+objects.js&t=create%20from%20objects 


The map.CreateFromObjects function requires an objet layer with some objects in it... and I need those objects to be my tiles.  The question is how to do this?


When I use Tiled I can create the Object Layer with nothing in it, but I need a way to populate it with tiles either using the Tiled UI or with code. I cannot see any method that does a "populate from tiles"


If you use Tiled then I would really appreciate some help as I can't hope to create my sprites from my tiles if I can't populate the Object Layer first.




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