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Is there caching in FireFox for <audio> sources ?


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I am changing  audio.src=fileURL attribute in HTML page and paying sound. In the same time different process changing 

file at the specified URL on the server. But FireFox (31.0) never asking for a new version even after I do this:

//initial load of file does generate requestaudio.src=fileURL;audio.currentSrc = fileURL;audio.src = '';audio.currentSrc = '';audio.load();audio.play();//subsequent load(s) of file does not generate any requestsaudio.src=fileURL;audio.currentSrc = fileURL;audio.load();audio.play(); // playing back initially loaded file like it was not changed

But I need to say that sometimes it reload file until server side does not redirect request to same page.


In the same time Chrome for Android never does this way. I think there is some kind of caching strategy specific for FireFox, am I write? Could anyone tell me please, how to turn <audio> caching OFF completely? Changing fileURL is not an option.

Thank you!


Best Regards


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