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javacript as mouse moves over tile the color of tile changes


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There is a canvas ABCD .AB measures 400 ,BC measures 400 cm.The tiles are 80 cm long separated by a distance of 16 cm apart.When mouse comes on the tile the color of the tile should change red.When mouse moves out of the tile it should get unfilled with color and the new tile on which the mouse is in should be colored to red.This process should continue as the mouse moves over each tiles. Can you suggest an algorithm on how to implement this.


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you can always use the mousemove event to pick up the x,y co-ordinates and then on the draw events see if the mouse pointer is over the current square.  If so,  draw a different colour.


Mouse point example: http://www.html5canvastutorials.com/advanced/html5-canvas-mouse-coordinates/


If you want a little more info, please feel free to ask.



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