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Rendering optimization


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Hey there.

I'm developping a free game for android and iOS (with Cordova).


The problem:

The problem is that, my performance are low, no matter what the game does in the update.

That means it's rendering that is slow.


My game is composed of:

-14 tileSprites with 2 children per sprite (only 8 displayed at once)

-1 sprite with 4 anims that are composed of 1 to 29 frame depending of the anim

-1 sprite for the background (600 * 1000)

-1 tilesprite for the background

-8 bitmapText (but only ONE visible during the gameplay)

-Some clickable areas

-Numerous sounds


I'm looking for advices for improving my framerate.


What I've found:

-I read that bitmapText was heavy, disabling every bitmapText give me ten more fps ! (very appreciable) but I need them. And it seems like bitmapText.exists=false doesn't do the trick... is that a but in Phaser or I'm just aiming wrong ?

-Texture resolution can't really be changed since they are not this big for our HD-phones

-Deleting backgrounds (the sprite and the tileSprite) makes me gain 5 to 10fps on mobile.

-Lowering the resolution of the backgrounds makes NOTHING ( :o ), that's surprising.


Thank you for your answers :-)

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