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More sample game


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I've seen the paralax tutorial and that's great but I'm curious if there are some more basic game concepts being described someplace?


I would love to see:

  Top down tile map (Zelda)

  Platformer (Mario)


I'm sure there are others that would be helpful to noobs like me but that's all I can think of right now.

Thanks in advance for any help finding some examples

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After I finish my porject I'm going to make an tutorial about a tilempa rpg (zelda).


But to be honset IMHO you should ask about game examples somewhere else. 


PIXI is a renderer not a game development framework. All the useful techniquest can be found in other places and easily adapted to pixi js.




http://zofiakorcz.pl/planet-defender-circular-world-game-with-pixijs/ - this is a planet defender clone which explains how to use rotation and pivots.


http://codeincomplete.com/posts/2013/5/27/tiny_platformer/ - sample code for a platformer easy to adapt with pixi.


As for zelda platformer I provided some of my own code but it is not a tutorial but you could use it as a sample reference:


 video demo:


In this posts you will find all insights and CODE EXAMPLES:


tilemaps rendering:



loop design for a tilemap game:



If you have questions or any ideas how to improve the design please follow me on this forum!


I really love to exchange knowledge with others!



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