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kill all sprites in object layer?


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Hi there


Very quick question.... how do i kill all the sprites in the object layer?  (or at least, in a group)?


Do I need a forEach loop or is there some other way?


I cannot seem to find an example which kills every sprite.


The problem I am having is that when player respawns and I recreate the sprites on the map like this...


redApples = game.add.group();redApples.enableBody = true;    map.createFromObjects('Object Layer 1', RED_APPLE, 'redApple', 0, true, false, redApples);
....It is creating duplicate sprites of those which already exist.  I want to only create them where they don't already exist, or as it seems more simple, kill every existing sprite before calling createFromObjects.


Currently I am having to kill the sprites in each individual group, as below, and yes this works fine however this seems cumbersome (and risky in case I forget a group)  and I think I'm missing some way of doing it to the entire layer, all at once.

redApples.forEach(function (o) {        o.kill();    }, this, false);greenApples.forEach(function (o) {        o.kill();    }, this, false);




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