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Create a new sound instance from existing sound in cache


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I need to create multiple sound instances so I can play overlapping sounds in IE.  I originally tried creating multiple instances of Phaser.Sound which uses the same key however this only created 1 Audio tag so only 1 sound could be played at a time.


So now I'm loading in the same sound file in the cache multiple times.


this.load.audio( 'sounds-1', app.audioDir + 'sounds.m4a' );this.load.audio( 'sounds-2', app.audioDir + 'sounds.m4a' );this.load.audio( 'sounds-3', app.audioDir + 'sounds.m4a' );this.load.audio( 'sounds-4', app.audioDir + 'sounds.m4a' );
However I can't trust IE to download the first file then the rest from the cache. 
So I was wondering if there was a way to only download the file once and then create new sounds elements that can be played of the data from the first. I've tried the following but it doesn't appear to create a new audio element which can be played:
this.load.audio( 'sounds-1', app.audioDir + 'sounds.m4a' );
this.cache.addSound( 'sounds-2', app.audioDir + 'sounds.m4a',  this.cache.getSoundData('sounds-1'), false, true);

So I guess what I need is a way to do the same thing that loading an audio file does without having to create a new HTTP request, as the file has already been downloaded. 


Any ideas appreciated :)

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