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2.0.7 P2 world bounds doesn't work compared to 2.0.6


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Hi, I finally decided to give a try to P2 after using Arcade a lot.


So I started my project with Phaser 2.0.7, and was trying to build a really simple test with just 1 box falling on top of another one.

But it appears in all the examples that without configuration the world should automatically have bounds, which is not the case in the 2.0.7 build.


However, when I passed to 2.0.6, just by changing the phaser version, with the same code, the world has bounds.


my code :

//create functiongame.stage.backgroundColor = '#00ffff';game.physics.startSystem(Phaser.Physics.P2JS);this.ball1 = game.add.sprite(165, 300, 'ball1');this.ball2 = game.add.sprite(150, 400, 'ball2');game.physics.p2.enable([this.ball1, this.ball2], true);// update function this.ball1.body.velocity.y = 50;

Sorry if it's documented somewhere, but couldn't find anything on this subject.

Thanks in advance for helping.


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